The story of a passionate engineer The Engineer Who Could

I am Cameron Gardner and I am a first year engineering major here at NCSU with Aerospace intent. When I was little I would look to the sky and see the giant streaks in the sky created by airliners. I decided that I wanted to build something that could go up that high and see the world from that perspective. I did not understand anything about the physics or mechanics of flight yet I did have the same burning passion I have today. The young boy I was then and the young man I am now share determination and desire to build great things and solve great problems.

My whole life I have played the great sport of American Football only to recently give it up in order to chase my dream of becoming an engineer. I have learned so many life long lessons while playing football that I could not have learned anywhere else. I have learned determination, grit, perseverance and hard work through many years of practice and games. The adversity that I have faced in football has taught me to prepare and overcome any and all adversity that I will have in the future. Even though I will never play football again, the essence of the sport will never leave me as I begin to prepare for and take on my future.

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  4. Sweet onion sauce

Class Grade
Calculus242 95%
Chem101 90%
Economics205 92%

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