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Who is Cameron Godfrey?

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Hi! My name is Cameron Godfrey and I am a freshman at NC State University. I have intent to major in Civil Engineering. There are several reasons that lead me to major in Civil Engineering. I have always had an interest in construction, and I want a career where I am not trapped in an office. Civil Engineering will allow me to be in the field and utilize my creativity and determination.

The past three years I have worked at a Pizzeria called Vito's. At Vito's, I was a pizza chef and shift leader. As a shift leader I would have to manage productivity and deal directly with customer wants. I created some of my most fond memories at Vito's and I will always remember the good times.

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  1. Psychology 200 (currently in)
  2. Chemistry 101 (currently in)
  3. Engineering 101 (currently in)
  4. Philosophy 302 (want to take)

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