Welcome to the confessions of a student who is actually a dinosaur:

Hi! My name is Caroline Heathcoat and I'm a freshman here at NC State. My major is biological engineering. I picked biological engineering because I'm interested in environmental work. As a biological engineer I will learn about water and soil conservation methods as well as different ecosystems. My goal is to get a job with the government as an engineer that works on the restoration and upkeep of parks and other natural areas. This is an impressive goal considering I'm actually a velociraptor.

My favorite hobby is music! I've played flute and piano since I was 7 years old and I started playing flute in band at school in 6th grade. Through high school I was in marching band, wind ensemble, pit orchestra, and multiple honor bands. Now I'm in the Power Sound of the South and the Wind Ensemble here at NC State! I'm also in the honorary music service fraternity on campus, Mu Beta Psi.

My First Paper As An RA
  1. Get a whole wheat wrap
  2. Put grilled chicken, spinach, lettuce, and cucumber on it
  3. Wrap it up
  4. Cut it in half and dip in hummus
Class Grade
ECD 220 94
BAE 100 95
MA 241 89