Welcome to Caila's NCSU Experience

Hi! Welcome to my NCSU Experience Blog. My name is Caila Holley. I am in Engineering First Year (Environmental Engineering Int.).I am also considering Civil Engineering. I will be minoring in Spanish.

The best break of the year is Thanksgiving and Winter Break (I count these as the same break). Even though you do more fun things during Spring Break, you get to spend time with family. There is alot of time to bond in Thanksgiving Day, all nighters spent in Black Friday shopping lines, then Christmas a few weeks later. If only it looked like this

Hear what I hear Link To Survive!!

How to make Healthy Pizza

  1. Look in your fridge/shelf/pantry for any healthy snack combo (ie. bananas, peanut butter, apples, avocados, whatever)
  2. Put those items in a pair that will taste good. You don't want fetta cheese and peanut butter... atleast I hope not.
  3. Get bread (Wheat, Rye, or Tortilla Wrap)
  4. Put the combo on your bread or tortilla)
  5. EAT IT (duh...:))

My class status

Class Grade
Econ A-
Chem 102 A-
Chem 101 B