The Interview with Caleb

My Intentions and Aspirations

I am a Civil Engineering major at North Carolina State University. There are many concentrations in Civil Engineering and structural is my favorite. In addition, my graduation date should be in the spring of 2019.

Purpose for Major

Civil Engineering combines creating and people. I love working with people and working on something that starts with an idea and becomes reality. This all started when I was four years old and I recieved my first Lego set. I spent countless hours playing with them and following directions. The great thing about being a Civil Engineer is that your job is very diverse and you get to work with people. With a Civil Engineering degree I plan on getting some experience and then starting my own business.

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus 1 MA 141 Summer 2015
Engineering Physics 1 PY 205 Fall 2015
Engineering Economics CE 390 Fall 2017
Public Speaking COM 110 Spring 2016
Mechanical Proper Structures of Materials MSE 200 Fall 2016