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My name is Clayton Hutmacher, but I usually go by Matt. I am a freshman here. I am in the First Year Engineering program right now, but I hope to go into industrial engineering for my CODA. An industrial engineer works on the process and efficiency of a system, something that very much interests me. I personally hope that I can work in a company such as Boeing or Caterpillar. My favorite hobby is probably basketball. I played in intramural leagues throughout my high school career. In my first semester here, I actually took the basketball P.E. class that the university offers. I often spend free afternoons here getting together with a group of friends and playing. I also follow both pro and college basketball closely, and have been to several NCSU basketball games since arriving here.

NCSU Basketball My Resume

How to make a Salami and Pepperoni sandwhich

  1. Defrost the buns.
  2. get out the salami, pepperoni, and cheese.
  3. Put four slices of pepperoni and four slices of salami on the bun
  4. Top the salami and pepperoni with two or three slices of cheese
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A
PY 205 B
E 115 S
Zach Lavine at the Dunk Contest