Hello! Welcome to my Homework! Hope you enjoy!

Hello! My name is Christian Lanning. I am in class 2019 and hope to major in Sociology & Technology and Society.
I have always had an interest in video and how they affect society. How people want to play their games and how those people are affected by games.
Those are the kind of ideas that I am really interested into now.
I originally wanted to be in Computer Engineering, but the mathematics and science behind it really did not fit with me well.

My favorite hobby is playing on my computer.
Either playing video games or watching videos, you can always find me on my PC.
Recently I created my own custom PC this year. It costed around $1000, but I think it is pretty nice.
It has an Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card and a AMD FX-8350 processor inside it.

Youtube Here is my resume!

Here is a list on how to order my favorite pizza

Class Grade
Sociology A
Chemistry B
Calculus C

Image from http://skratchwizpc.net/cases/nzxt-phantom-530-everything-you-loved-about-the-original-only-better/