Welcome to Homework 6

My name is Caroline Moody. I am a freshman in Engineering and International Studies. I want to do engineering because I like solving problems and I want to make a difference in the world. Also, the money is pretty nice. Additionally, I want to major in International Studies because I want to work abroad as well as travel around the world throughout my lifetime.
My favorite hobby is politics. In high school I was very involved in student government for all four years I was there and I also took all of the political classes I had access to, including AP Comparative Government and AP United States Government. This past year, for six months, I interned for the Republican party over the 2014 midterm elections. My passion for politics has continued at NC State as I was elected into the Student Senate. In fact, I watched the GOP debate last night with members of the Student Senate. I hope to stay involved in government and civic engagement in general for the rest of my life.
  1. You make the dough.
  2. You spread the dough out over the pan.
  3. You spread tomato sauce over the whole area.
  4. You put cheese and pepperonis on top.
  5. You bake in the oven and enjoy!
Class Grade
CH 101 A-
MA 241 A
STS 302H A+