Tasteful Trees Tasteful Trees

Founded on December 1, 2004, Tasteful Trees provides a warm sensation and a spirited experience. Found, within a large hallow tree, the hot chocolate our company provides is like no other. Marshmellows, chocolate syrup, carmel, and other flavors can not only be added to the top of our tasty treat, but also to the mix inself. In 2004, Tasteful Trees began with three young indiviudals with drive and a desire to make a hot chocolate experience more exciting. Now, as this company continues to grow, thirteen indivudals help make this treat a success. The employees are often caught advertisting, marketing, and expressing their love for our building design as well as our delicious drink. The idea of having hot chocolate served in a restaurant shaped like a cut out of a tree originated at the "A Christmas Tree" Christmas tree farm. As we still reside at that location in the Appalacian Mountains of North Carolina, visitors from across the country often find their way towards our attraction. Eventually, as our company continues to grow, we hope to design other tree friendly places for a hot chocolate treat near thousands of other christmas tree farms.

Tasteful Trees not only is an experience in itself when visitors see the building, but also in the hot chocolate we serve. Instead of orindary marshmellows, the ones served here are cut in the shape of a christmas tree. The mugs, served for those dinning in, and the to-go cups to take on the run, are not ony decorated in the Christmas Spirit, but also have spoons and lids which match the cup and make a beautiful Christmas trees. Tasteful Trees is not only providing their customers with an experience, but also with a joy and hope that everyone who enters leaves with a warm heart, and a will to provide the Christmas spirit to others.

Tasteful Trees is currently owned by Crystal Espey,Michelle Ojeda, and Ashely Miller. Combined, this team of three are deadly. These indivudals gave up their homes, and moved their family on a limb that this company would succeed. A good idea to say the least. Not only has this business excelled in the three years it has been opened, but it seems to be achieving status at a much faster pace then thought possible. With thirteen employees, the company has enough people to work with customers in the store, send others advertising across the nation, and have a few behind the scenes workers making sure every detail and product is served to satisfaction.

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