Don't get too far a-head, there's lots of information below!

My name is Cassandra Keesee, but I prefer to go by "Cassie". I'm in the class of 2019, and my intended major is Computer Science. For your trouble, here's a Comp-Sci joke. What do you call 8 hobbits? A hobbyte. The reason I choose to enter this field is not to make puns, but in fact due to the fact that I love computers. I felt that choosing a field related to that would be a wise choice, and I also appreciate the creativity needed to make programs.

One of my hobbies is making puns. I enjoy my roommate's look whenever I make one: a mixture of both approval and horror. It may be punfortunate that you're grading this if you hate puns. Hopefully, you don't. I'm opporpunistic, and I must use any chance to use my talent(?). My favorite category is egg puns, they always crack me up.

Just an innocent bread
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    How to Order a Pizza

  1. Choose a good pizza place.
  2. Research the pizza place: Read Reviews, then write a two page research paper. Use MLA formatting.
  3. Submit the paper to your parent or guardian for a grade. If you pass, you will receive the number of the pizza place.
  4. Call the pizza place.
  5. Order the pizza.
  6. Wait for eat to be delivered, then pay.
  7. Enjoy the pizza.

Course Name Expected Grade
Calculus II 90
Chemistry 101 85
Poultry and People 100

A visual pun: a man is taking the ctrl key.