Thank You for Coming Grandma.

Cole Mokan Aude-Melody Koffi, 2017, senior in Civil Engineering. I chose this major because Civil Engineering deals with the daily problems of a common man such as roads, traffic congestion, drainage. Also, Civil engineering is the only branch of engineering where you can visualize the things that you design.

I will be graduating in December 2017; I am very excited. I like to spend time with my nephew Noah. I enjoy playing video games.

My favorite job is to babysit my nephew Noah. It is easy and very rewarding. I get lots of hugs. Plus, he is always happy.

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Cole Melody Koffi
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Four Interesting Classes:

  1. Structural Steel Design
  2. Foundation Engineering
  3. Structural Analysis
  4. Materials of Construction

Classmates Names and Majors:

Names Major
Sam Feldstein Civil Engineering
Morgan Murdock Civil Engineering