Welcome to my About Me page!

Hello! My name is Chenyang Li, and you guys can call me Simon. I'm from southern China, which is a beautiful country. This is my fisrt time studying alone in a foreign country , and I think it is a very challenging thing to do. Currently, I am taking some basic subject classes and I hope that I will be successfully enrolled in the ME department. Now, I am looking forward to trying all my endeavors to study new things!

Unfortunately, I do not have any job currently,but I am planning to have a part-time job in this semester. My dream job is to be an engineer in a big city because I like working with machines. Click to email me.
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My favorate classes

  1. E115
  2. CH101
  3. ARE101
  4. FLE101

Clubs Websites
Agri-Life Council website
Agribusiness website