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Hi y'all, my name is Chelsea Nagy. I am a first year in the College of Engineering here at NC State. I am an Industrial Engineer Intenet major with a minor in psychology. I want pursue a career in Human Factors, because I want to make products and processes more people friendly.

I really love to read. When I was little, reading was all about escaping to another kind of reality. I loved it. I would spend hours living in another world and come out feeling great. Now that I am older, reading isn't just about using fiction to escape, but also using nonfiction to expand my horizons.

Netflix Here is my resume!!
  1. Decide which pizza place has the best people with the least judgemental staff. Black olive pizza can get remarks.
  2. Once you decide on a place, Google the place for the phone number
  3. Call the phone number
  4. Try not to mess up your address when they ask for it
  5. Ask them to repeat the total so you don't have the wrong amount of money when they arrive.
  6. Cheer because you were adult-like ordering pizza alone and because pizza will be here soon.
Course Name Expected Grade
HESF 100 Pass
Religion 200 B+
Physics 205 A-
Economics 205 A+
E 115 Pass
MA 242 B
Physics 206 A+
Reading Harry Potter Books