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My name is Courtney Paulus. I am a freshman who is majoring in chemical engineering. I chose this major because chemistry was my favorite class in high school. I also was interested in this major because I would love to work and make medicines, as well as other products, that will help people live a healthier life everyday. I would also like to work to make products more environmentally friendly, which is another thing chemical engineers focus on. I think that a person's health and the health of the environment are important topics that people should care more about.

My favorite hobby is playing volleyball. I have played volleyball for seven years of my life. I love playing volleyball because I love working together with a team to reach a common goal. My teammates become my best friends, and we love being with each other. Also, playing a sport year-round helps me to stay in good shape. I am a middle hitter, so the constant movement to block and hit the volleyball is great exercise.

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  1. Go to the Domino's Pizza website
  2. Order a pizza with the pan pizza crust
  3. Choose to add white garlic sauce
  4. Add salami
  5. Add parmesean cheese
  6. Add onion
  7. Complete the order and pay
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 1 A
Chemistry I A-
E115 S
E101 A
Economics B
Critical and Creative Decision Making Models A
Bowling S