My current major is Biology: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental. I was always interested in Biology, so it seemed like a natural second choice. My first choice was an engineering field, which I was not chosen for during the admissions process. So, I am currently attempting to change my major to Electrical or Computer Engineering. I have a natural talent and understanding of computers, enjoy working with them, and can see myself engaged in a lifelong career with computers so this seems like a perfect choice. Electrical Engineering is another enticing contender, and seems to have a more secure job future than computer engineering.

My favorite animal is the sloth. The sloth does not care about your problems. Sloth only wants to climb trees and eat leaves and be chill. You know what the sloth's motto is? Live slow, die whenever. Words to live by.

yeah, it's a sloth. DONT CLICK HERE How to pizza: an ordered guide.
  1. get ingredient
  2. put dough
  3. put sauce
  4. put cheese
  5. put toppings
  6. put in oven
  7. wait
  8. take out of oven
  9. eat

  10. My classes and expected grades
    ENG 101 A
    MA 241 B-
    CH 101 A