My name is Cameron Bright and I'm a freshman in Biomolecular Engineering, which is a concentration of ChemE that focuses on the manipulation of organic organisms through chemistry. I started in Biomedical, but I found that I didn't enjoy mechanical side of things. I particularly dislike working with programming and computers so this major really appeals to me. I also enjoy the aspect of being able to impact people's lives. I also love Chemistry and Biology. It just makes sense for me.

My favorite hobby is waterskiing and barefooting. Barefooting is like skiing, but with your feet. I'd normally say soccer, but it has become much harder since beginning college to prioritize it. Water sports are mostly during the summer so they're pretty decently easy to find time for. Skiing is easier, but barefooting is more exciting in my opinion so I tend to do that more often. I got a boom last year so that also was fun because I could teach my brothers how to do it as well. I'm looking forward to this summer at the lake.

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How to Make a Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich:
  1. Put cheese on a piece of bread
  2. Put another slice of bread on top of that stack
  3. Turn on stove to medium hot and put stack on pan and put pan on stove
  4. Cook until bread on bottom is light brown
  5. Flip stack and wait until newly bottom bread is light brown
  6. Turn stove off
  7. Put sandwich on plate
  8. Devour sandwich

Class Grade
Physics208 A+
OrganicChemI A-