Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Cailin Peterson and I am a freshman at NC State. I plan on majoring in either Biomolecular or Biological Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science. I love learning about biology and want to do research relating microbial biology and environmental protection.

Back in Charlotte, I worked at a Smoothie King for about two years. The job was easy and could get boring at times, but my co-workers were fun. In the future, my ideal job is to work for an environmental non-profit, traveling the world to work on research projects and impliment environmental protection techniques.

A Picture of Me

  1. MUS 115: State Chorale
  2. PHI 340: Philosophy of Science
  3. E 115: Intro to Computing Environments
  4. BIT 410: Manipulation of Recombinant DNA

Club Website
Wolfpack Environmental Student Association WESA
Girls Engineering Change GEC