Welcome to my Homework 5

My name is Calvin Patrick Hoople. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan on majoring in Aerospace Engineering. My career goal is to fly super hornets in the United States Navy. I feel that Aerospace Engineering will allow me to do so. If I don't end up flying for the United States Navy, I will most likely fly for someone else, such as commercial airlines.

The only true hobby I ever had in my life to this point was drumming. My current favorite hobby since I haven't drummed in a while (no drums at college) is weight lifting. I love the feeling of picking things up and putting them in the exact same place. There is no better feeling, though, when you put up more weight than you did last time. Theoretically that should happen every time you work out, but it doesn't. People have off days. The good gym days are what I live for.

GNC Homepage Raleigh Cross-fit
  1. Toast two slices of white bread
  2. Put peanut butter on each slice of toast
  3. Take some jelly from Cracker Barrel
  4. Put two Cracker Barrel Jellies on your bread
  5. Gracefully put the two pieces of toast together
  6. Moan as you eat the amazing sandwich
Current Classes Expected Grades
MA 242 A
E 115 Satisfactory
CH 101 A
NS 110 A
The Gym Life