Intro to XHTML Homework 6

My name is Cole Prommel. I am a Freshman student at North Carolina State University which means I will graduate 2019. I am an intended Electrical Engineering Major. My focus in Electrical Engineering is Renewable Energy. I want to do research in solar and wind energy.

My two favorite hobbies are playing Soccer and playing Video Games. Soccer has been a part of my life since I was a child. It is something I love to do but I was never really top class at it. Video Games on the other hand, although lacking athleticism and real world interaction, have always been something I excel at. I only play Video Games if I am playing at a competitive level.

My Resume :^)

How to Order Pizza

  1. Decide you want pizza.
  2. Decide which pizza you want.
  3. Google local Papa John's phone number. Use Papa John's because it is the best.
  4. Call number.
  5. Order Pizza of choice.

Class Grade
MA141 A-
CH101 A
E115 S
League of Legends World Championship 2015