Welcome to my website! I am Carson Snyder, a freshman at NC State studying Paper Science & Engineering



Paper Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2020ish

But, why?

I chose this major because I am fascinated with engineering, but have no specific passion. This program reached out to me, told me all of their benefits, and made me feel welcome.

  1. Experienced with Microsoft Office
  2. Held leadership positions before
  3. Hablo poco Espanol
  4. Comfortable speaking/giving presentations to crowds
  5. Adept to the trial and error method
Class Course Title Semester
PSE 295 Leadership Skills Fall 2016
PSE 201 Pulping and Papermaking Technology Spring 2017
PSE 212 Paper Properties Fall 2017
PSE 371 Pulping Process Analysis Spring 2018
PSE 322 Wet End/Polymer Chemistry Fall 2018