Welcome to Cassidy Putnam's Portfolio Page -- Go Pack!

Portfolio Item 1: Hairbrush
Inspired by Claes Oldenburg, I created this sculpture out of simple, innovative materials found in a classroom. The bristles of the brush are made out of thick wire with marbles glued on top and painted black. The base is made from two plastic bin tops fused together, wrapped with a pair of basketball shorts for padding and texture.

Portfolio Item 2: Durham Logo
During a summer studio workshop for graphic design in Durham, we were encouraged to design a logo (and slogan) for the city of Durham using Illustrator. This demonstrates my ability to adhere easily to new software and my creative capacity for design.

Portfolio Item 3: Current Events
This piece was designed to reflect the our growing numbness to violence in the media as a society. I used a variety of materials including charcoal, acrylic paint and newspaper clippings.

Portfolio Item 4: Durham Art Gallery
During the same workshop I mentioned above, I walked around the city of Durham taking pictures of random subjects that caught my eye. I was looking for interesting textures and colors that reflected Durham's environment. I displayed my pictures through designing an eye-catching art gallery event poster.

Portfolio Item 5: Girl with Hair Ribbon
In my Junior year art class during highschool, our class was assigned with the task of cropping and mimicking a famous painting. I chose 'Girl with Hair Ribbon' by Roy Lichtenstein becuase I have always been intrigued by Pop Art. I used acrylic paint to complete this.

Portfolio Item 6: Hidden Hands
I was inspired by a peaceful little meadow behind my old home. I thought I would spice things up by integrating five hidden human hands within the nature scene. Can you find them all?

Portfolio Item 7: ABC's
This is a portrait of celebrity Matt Bomber, made entirely out of varying concentrations of letters of the alphabet.

Portfolio Item 8: Change
This was a painting I created for a school art event. The theme was diversity; my painting is supposed to reflect the changing political and social environment regarding how we view and confront diversity.

Portfolio Item 9: Reflection
After reading 'The Birthmark' by Nathaniel Hawthorne, I was compelled to paint this. This story is about a scientist whose wife, Georgiana, was flawless except for the birthmark on her left cheek. He nearly drove himself mad trying to cure her of this affliction. In the end, he is able to remove it but at the price of Georgiana's death. The idea is that human imperfection is innate and death is unavoidable.This painting is of the exact moment that Georgiana's mark disappeared, the only moment of true peace felt in the story just before her demise.

Portfolio Item 10a: Anniversary
I painted this for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. The bright, contrasting colors were inspired by my fascination with the Pop Art era. Because I gave the painting to my grandparents, this image is a scanned photo of my grandparents and I standing behind it. The 11th picture on this website is the reference photo that I used for the painting.

Portfolio Item 10b: Anniversary Reference Photo
Reference Photo