Chris Bingham's Page

Hi! My name is Chris Bingham and I am a Freshman at NC State. I am currently in engineering with an undeclared intent. I am considering Civil Engineering, but am honestly not sure what direction to take. I am also considering double majoring in Sustainable Materials and Technology. Depending on how the semester goes, I may also condier minoring in Spanish.

Goodness, I have quite a few hobbies. I love physical activity and played basketball, tennis, and cross country in high school. I also spend a lot of time working out and am practically a professional body builder (I wish). I also love community and things like coffee houses and bonfires. I guess you could say I'm just a good ol' fashion pro bonfirer.

giveperf If you like bullets and saving lives, click here!
  1. Lay out two pieces of bread
  2. Smear large amount of peanut butter of both pieces of bread
  3. Place sliced pieces of banana on one piece of bread
  4. Put both pieces of bread together
Class Expected Grade
E 115 A
CH 101 A
MA 242 A