My name is Carly Burnette and I am a Frehsman in the First Year Engineering program at North Carolina State University with an intent on Material Science Engineering. I also plan on minoring in Chinese Language. I want to be a Material Science Engineer because it is a newer field that has a lot of really interesting research and innovations comming out of it right now. I want to help change the world and I think that it will provide the most opprotunites to do so because it's very similar to Chemical Engineering but with more real life application.

My favorite hobby is learning new things. I know that sounds really weird, but it's true. I like to learn about Mandarin Chinese, literature analysis, history, and creative writing. I really like to learn because I find everything so interesting. That's why I came into North Carolina State University with an undecided intent in regards to what type of Engineering major. Even though I have decided on Material Science Engineering now, I still find all the work being done in different types of Engineering very interesting. If I could, I would continue taking classes my whole life in order keep learning new things that are interesting to me. In addition to learning new things, I also like to watch Disney movies with my little sister, Alana. I am slowly teaching her all of the princesses. Because of this, I have learned a lot of random Disney trivia.

Click the image below to open my favorite website, Netflix.

This is a link to me resume.

How to order my favorite pizza:

  1. Call Dominos
  2. Request a Large Pepperoni and Green Peppers Pizza
  3. Give them your address so they can deliver
  4. Wait for them to deliver to your house
  5. Pay for the Pizza
  6. Eat the pizza
Class Name Expected Final Grade
Engineering 101 A+
English 101 A+
Chemistry 101 C+
Calculus III C+

This is a picture of the disney princesses that I have taught Alana after watching their movies with her.
Disney Princesses