Connor Dunn's Resumé

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Current Education

I am a student at North Carolina State University. I am majoring in engineering, intending to major in textile engineering specifically. I plan to graduate in 2020.

Career Plan

I chose to go into textile engineering due to a long series of interactions with the College of Textiles as well as my interests in math, science, and problem solving. The College of Textiles first reached out to me in my sophomore year of high school with a classroom visit which intrigud me. I followed up that visit by attending a College open house, and attending STEP (Summer Textile Exploration Program). I ultimately decided to go into textile engineering because I wanted to do some kind of engineering and I find textiles fascinating. Once I graduate I either want to get a masters degree, or I want to go into the industry and possibly work with composites.

Skills and Qualities


Class Course Title Semester
Intro to Textiles T101 Fall 2016
Calculus 3 MA242 Spring 2017
Honors Textiles Seminar T491 Spring 2017