Welcome to my webpage. Enjoy, but if you don't, that's okay too

Hello, my name Christopher Reynolds Gross but you can call me Christopher. I am a freshman and intend to major in Electrical Engineering. I was quite unsure what I wanted to do when I first came to State, and still am honestly. I chose Electrical because I enjoy calculus and circuits. I will be CODAing soon. Wish me luck.

I am flattered that you stayed to read my second paragraph. So now that I have you here, let me tell you about my favorite hobby, longboarding. I got my longboard a couple years ago as a Christmas present from my parents. It can get scary sometimes because you can get into dangerous situations with cars and steep hills, but it's worth it. The thing I love most about longboarding is discovering new hills and places I have never been.

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Although I don't have a resume, I do have this lab report on Pill Bugs.
Lab Report

How to order pizza

  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Dial Papa Johns
  3. Ask for a Supreme pizza
  4. Say thank you and wait for your pizza
E 115 Ma 241 EC 201
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