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My name is Chase Guill, and I am a freshman. I am currently in the college of engineering with an undeclared intent. I will most likely go into electrical engineering next year as long as I am able to CODA into it. I am considering electrical engineering because it would seem to be a skill that would be very useful in today's world and because it seems like the field of engineering with the most diverse job offerings. I decided to go into engineering in general because I always enjoyed mathematics and because it seems to a highly respected and rewarding job field.

My favorite hobby would probably have to be playing video games. I started playing games around the age of five when I got an Nintendo 64, and I have continued to play on a variety of different consoles since then. My video game console collection currently includes: a Nintendo 64, a Nintendo Gamecube, a Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo Wii U, a Nintendo DS, and a Nintendo 3DS. My favorite console is probably the Nintendo Gamecube as that was the console that I spent the most time with and the one that has some of my favorite games. My favorite game would have to be Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door for the Nintendo Gamecube because of its amazing battle system and its just generally fantastic gameplay. Since I have gotten to college, I have been able to play more multiplayer games with my friends in my dorm, and this is a mostly new experience for me since I usually always played single player games when I was growing up.

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    How to make a cheese pizza:
  1. Roll the dough into a circular shape.
  2. Spread tomato pizza sauce around the entire pizza except for a one inch ring around the outer edge.
  3. Place cheese covering over the tomato sauce area.
  4. Bake in oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

Class Grade
E 115 S
EC 201 A
ECE 109 B-
MA 241 A-
PY 205 B+
PY 206 A+

Nintendo Gamecube