Welcome to my page! It's...Homework!

Well first off, my name is Connor Ryan Joy and I am a Freshman. My planned major is Biomedical Engineering. I chose this major because I want to create prosthetics when I get out of college. I grew up in a military town and have seen what loss of limb is like and I want to help give back. I'm not entirely sure on my major though, as some say BME is really hard, and I could accomplish my goal with a different engineering degree.

My favorite animal is actually the wolf. I have liked them ever since I was little, and have no real specifics as to why it is my favorite. A fun anecdote is in deciding where I wanted to go to school (I got accepted to UNC and UNCW as well) it all came down to school colors and mascots.

Snoo The Alien BUY ALL THE THINGS!!!
  1. Whip out pizza crust
  2. Place oil on bottom of crust
  3. Smear the basics of sauce and cheese on that pie
  4. CUSTOMIZE WITH YOUR TOPPINGS OF CHOICE (Hint:If its not Ham and Pineapple, you're doing it wrong)
Course Name Expected Grade
ENG101 B
CH101 A-
MA141 C+
Big Bad Wolf