My name is Colbey Robinson and I am a freshman studying computer science. I have always enjoyed math and logic. These both account for a large part of computer science. During my senior year of high school, I took a computer programming class at a local college, and I've been sold on computer science ever since. Additionally, a degree in CS leads to very lucrative career options.

My favorite hobby is singing. While I do have a science-oriented mind, I also love fine arts. As an engineering student, none of my classes have much of an artistic element. Singing acts as my creative outlet. It allows me to take a break from studying without taking a break from using my brain.

The Onion My resumé

How to order a Domino's pizza:

  1. Visit Dominos.com
  2. Click "Place Delivery Order"
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Expected Grade

Physics I (PY 205) A-
Calculus II (MA 241) B+
E115 S