Welcome to my Homework 6 web page

Hello! My name is Christian-Dave Raymundo Villazor, and I'm a freshman with mechanical engineering intent. The reason that I choose Mechanical Engineering as my major was because I've always had an interest in the design or mechanics behind things. I took a lot of shop and mechanics classes in high school so I knew that I liked taking things apart and putting the back together. Another aspect that I like about Mechanics is the design part of it. I can can build simples things like chairs, walls, or trailers, but I want to know how people design cars, tools, or just about anything really. So, in summary, Mechanical engineering peaks my interest because it seems like a a major where I can design and fabricate my ideas.

My favorite hobby at the moment is playing the Ukulele. I haven't been playing for very long, only a few months, but I've been having a lot of fun. A ukulele is a nice simple instrument with lots of potential. You can keep it simple, just your regular three chord song with an up-down strum, or you can get into more complex techniques, like palm-muting, pluck strumming, or even mixing it up with precussion. Another things I like about the ukulele is that it's small enough that you can take it anywhere. Chuck it in your bag and take it outside, by the beach, by the lake, home, dorm, it's more portable than most instruments like acoustic guitars. My absolute favorite thing about the ukulele has to be the cheery sound. The light chords really get me into a spring/ summer mood even if it's still 40-something degrees outside.

Don't actually buy me anything

Interested in me eh? Well maybe you should read this sociology paper! written by yours truely

How to make my favorite pizza

  1. Open a can of pizza dough and spread it over a floured, clean, counter
  2. Spread a nice creamy alfredo sauce over that succulent circle of raw deliciousnesses
  3. Absolutely murder that pizza with cheese. I'm not talking about your mexican mix or sharp cheddar, we're using quality stuff: a finely aged romano cheese that I've been aging in my wine cellar
  4. After your done with your cheese based pizza slaughter take a nice slice of chicken breast and slice it up into nice slices, not chunks
  5. Spread that dead bird all around this round of irresistibility
  6. Go out back and harvest your organic spinach, which you have spent much time caring for just for this moment
  7. Lightly garnish your delectable disk with spinach
  8. Throw that guy in the oven(which you've preheated right?) at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes
  9. After you've spend 20 minutes watching Netflix or practicing your juggling skills take out your hard earned reward of cheese, bread chicken, and sauce
  10. Rejoice in victory and share your achievement with everyone within a 2.7 mile radius

Class Predicted Grade
EC 205 B
CH 101 A
MA 141 A
IPGE 295 B
E 115 passing
USC 102 C
I guess you called call it a Shred-osaurous Rex