My name is Corbin Willard. I am a freshman at NC State University. I am currenty in the Engineering First-Year program. However, I hope to CODA into Textiles Engineering before the first semester of my sophomore year. At first, I wated to CODA into Civil Engineering, but that seems like it is too large scale (bridges, roads, infrastructure, etc.) for my enjoyment. So... now I am aspiring to be a Textiles Engineer! I am also very interested in concentrating in product engineering, and maybe minoring in Material Science or something similar.

My two favorite hobbies are playing the drums and playing tennis. I am currently a member of the marching band at NC State and I plan to continue participating in it until I graduate. It is extremely demanding at first (especially being in the drumline) with all of the music/movement that you have to memorize as a freshman, but it has gotten much easier as the season has progressed. As far as tennis goes, I was an avid player in high school, and I am looking forward to playing intramurally in the spring. I am also taking an online tennis class as part of my coursework. It is interesting in that it analyzes the rules and strategies of the game rather than how to physically play tennis.


My Resume

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My Fall 2015 Classes

Course Name Expected Grade
E 101 A-
CH 101 B
CH 102 A-
MA 141 A-
EC 205 A
HESF 249 A+
MUS 131 A+
E 115 S