Welcome to My Intro to XHTML

My name is Cecile Sadler. I am a freshman at NC State. My major is computer engineering. I chose this major because I have always had an interest in technology and computers in general. Engineering will allow me to solve problems in the world and make a lasting impact. I will also be able to visually see my work in a tangible form that will be used daily by millions of people.

I have two favorite hobbies. I will only tell you about the main one. That one is playing basketball. I have been playing for seven years. It has allowed me to relieve stress as well as get exercise. I have met some of my closest friends my playing baskteball. I hope to be on the NC State club team in the spring.

Number 1 Favorite Website I Love Watching Funny Videos!

How To Make A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

  1. Get a plate
  2. Get a knife
  3. Place 2 slices of bread on the plate
  4. On one slice on bread spread the peanut butter evenly all the way to the edges
  5. On the opposite slices place thin layer of jelly
  6. Put the two pieces of bread together
  7. Cut off crust very carefully
  8. Enjoy! :)
My Favorite Hobby
Classes Expected Grade
English B+
E101 A
Calculus B-
Chemistry B-