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My name is chase ballard and my current major is civil engineering at NC State. I chose my major of civil engineering because it was my second choice because I did not get into my first major, industrial design. Although I do not think engineering is for me I am currently interested in becoming a business major. I am interested in a business and management major because I feel it is better suited for me than engineering. Although I thought that wanted to be an engineer I think the decision is for the better.

A favorite hobby of mine is leather-working. I became interested in leather-working a few years ago and it has evolved into more than a hobby. Leather-working is a passion of mine I wish to pursue in a business sense.I think that is one reason I chose to pursue a business degree instead of degree in engineering. Although a degree in engineering may be helpful for what I am interested in, it simply is not for me.

  1. Acquire white bread bun
  2. Add roast beef to bun
  3. Add mustard and lettuce on top of roast beef
  4. Add top bun
  5. Send through toaster
Class Expected Grade
E101 100
PS 301 89
HESR 265 Pass
Leather Picture