My story

I am Caleb Gellert, 31 and a freshman at NCSU majoring in Women's & Gender Studies. Honestly I did not choose my major. It chose me. I have a calling from a higher power to drop dope bars (or preform Rhythmically Assisted Poetry) and I only drop bars to please the ladies. I entered my way into the rap game in 2000 and have since made a name for myself with my unique style of delivery. I have also managed to establish a successful acting career for myself landing main or supporting roles in movies such as, The Wash (2001), 2 Fast 2 Furious (2001), Crash (2004), Hustle and Flow (2005) and many more.

Obviously im gonna speak on raps behalf if I'm gonna describe my favorite hobby. Rap Music is Motivating and thats why I thinks its fresh as H E double Hockey sticks. Jay-Z started like a lot of other rappers, selling drugs. I’m not saying that we should all go selling drugs to rock Escalades and gold chains (or 2 Chainz. Ok I’m sorry), but it’s the business mentality, the hustle mentality that really gets me going. Rappers are like coaches, telling you that you can win. Go out there, work, and get what you want! If I were any good at football, I would feel the same way about sports..

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How to prepare someones favorite sandwich?

  1. Select a bread, bun, or flatbread with a flavor and consistency that matches your ingredients
  2. Spread condiments such as mustard, mayo, pesto, or hollandaise all the way to the edge of the bread
  3. Add sliced meat, veggies, and cheese for a basic savory sandwich.
  4. Fry, broil, or cook in a panini press for a hot treat.
  5. enjoi!
Class Name Expected Letter Grade
CSC 212 B
E 115 Pass
MA 241 A

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