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Hello, my name is Calvin Hawke and I am a chemical engineering major. I am unsure exactly which year I am classified as because I am a transfer student from Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina. I have always wanted to be an engineer, but choosing chemical was a tough decision. I ended up picking chemical because of the variety of careers available to me upon graduation.

Currently, I am working as a baseball hitting and fielding instructor at a baseball training facility called DiamondFit Performance. I work in Cary, but there is a Raleigh location as well. I train kids from ages as young as eleven to as old as high school juniors and seniors. I only instruct three or four lessons per week because the schoolwork in the NC State engineering program keeps me busy!

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  1. E115 Introduction to Computing Environments
  2. CHE205 Chemical Process Principles
  3. MSE201 Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials
  4. CH315 Quantitative Analysis
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