Welcome to my Lorna at NC State page!

My name is Lorna Nguyen. I'm a first year engineering student with an intended major of Aerospace Engineering. I chose this major because ever since I was a kid, I have always been intrigued by airplanes and rockets. Aerospace design is a very complex field and it requires a wide range of applications from other engineering desciplines.

I'm currently working as a research assistant at the Civil, Construction, and Environmental Enigneering department at NC State. My job consists of working with a graduate student to develop NCDOT alternative road sign replacement strategies. In the begining of October, I will be collecting replacement sequence and date of road signs in Division 9, NC. I'm looking forward to gain better engineering knowledge and experiences through this opportunity.

A Picture of Lorna

I'm currently taking:

  1. MAE 206 (Statics)
  2. MAE 251 (Aerospace Vehicle Performance)
  3. GC 120 (Solidworks)
  4. CSC 113 (Intro to MatLab)

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Vietnamese Student Association VSA Website
Aerial Robotics Club ARC Website