My name is Connor Pendergrass

Hello, my name is Connor Pendergrass. I am a freshaman this year in engineering. My current inteded major is computer science. I chose computer science because I have always been fascinated by the way computers work. I did a lot of coding during high school, not in HTML or CSS, mostly in Python.

I have had a few jobs, so far in my life. This past summer I worked on baseball fields at my local athletic park. I hope to work for a technology start up after college. Most people do not understand why I would want to do work for an unestablished, small company. I want to build something from the ground up, something I can truly make a difference in.

My Favorite Classes:

  1. Intro to Programming - Java
  2. Music Appreciation
  3. Basketball
  4. European History

Clubs Websites
Student Wolfpack Club
NCSU Men's Soccer Club