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Hi! I am Charlie Phillips. I am a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at NC State University. I chose engineering because I enjoy working with math and science but also want a job that challenges me and requires creativity. Mechanical engineering is a very broad degree that is easy to get a job with and gives me a lot of options along my career path.

I am passinate about our planet and want to have a career I care about. Because of this, I seek a career in renewable/sustainable energy or electric vehicles. If I decide to pursue energy, companies like Duke Energy and Next Era Energy would be ideal options. If I go down the electric vehicles route, I would prefer to work for companies clearly moving past internal combustion engines such as Volvo and Jaguar/Land Rover. Tesla, the company arguably responsible for today's expansion of the electric vehicle market, falls into both categories.

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  1. MAE 416 Senior Design
  2. ES 300 Energy and Environment
  3. MAE 206 Engineering Statics
  4. CSC 113 Intro to Computing - MATLAB
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