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Hello, my name is Sawyer White! I have chosen to attend NC State to major in Chemical Engineering. There are many reasons I have chosen to pursue Chemical Engineering as my major. I believe I have the creative ingenuity and neccessary skills to make a difference in this field. Another strong influence in this decision would be from my grandfather. He was not an engineer himself, but he was always building things and tinkering in his shop when I was little. Working on projects and putting things together was a huge part of my childhood.

My favorite vacation would have to be the senior trip I went on a couple of months ago. A few of the members of our high school class went to visit New York City for five days. It was an absolutely amazing experience. While on this trip we saw numerous famous sights and land marks. I absolutely loved learning all of the interesting facts about the city. It was also a unique experience to become immersed in the culture of the city. It was very different from where I am from but I found it to be very fast paced and enjoyable.

I have always been a huge animal lover since I was a small child. However, between cats and dogs I have always favoured dogs more. There are several factors that led me to this decision. One being that I had several dogs as pets and therefore was able to train and spend more time with this species. Also, the fact that I am allergic to cats helped me arrive at this decision. Although, I still love both cats and dogs and find them both to be adorable.

    How To Make My Favourite Sandwich!

  1. Find two pieces of bread
  2. Insert a mixture of ham and turkey in alternating layers between the two pieces of bread
  3. Insert a layer of lettuce on top of the meat
  4. Pour bacon bits on top of of the lettuce and meat
  5. Top off sandwich with croutons
  6. Cover the ingredients listed in steps 2-4 with the second piece of bread

Class Name Expected Grade
MA 141 A
EC 205 A
E 115 S

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