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Hello, my name is Tate Brandt. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently in the first years college, but when I have the required courses I would like to CODA into some type of engineering. I am not currently decided on which type of engineering I would be most interested in, but my current favorites are chemical, electrical, and computer engineering. I would choose one of these majors because I like building stuff like electrical circuits, but I also love chemistry.

My favorite hobby would have to be tennis. It is my favorite sport to play as I do not have to rely on teammates to perform well. It is also a fun sport to watch and follow. It requires just the right amount of athleticism along with strategy to always keep the match interesting.

Tennis Warehouse My Paper of Hydraulic Fracturing

  1. get the bread
  2. put on the meat
  3. put on the cheese
  4. put on the second layer of meat
  5. enjoy!
Physics Calculus E115
C B pass
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