Welcome to the Curt Davis home page where I record the inner machinations of my mind.

Greetings mortal.
My name is Curt T Davis.
I am currently a Freshman, although I have Sophomore standing through credit.
I am studying to become a Biomedical Engineer so that I can help design prosthetics.
I have always found the human body fascinating.
Prosthetics are only now showing reasonable development and there is still a lot that can be done.

I have lots of projects that I enjoy spending time on but one love that has existed longer than most is sailing.
I learned to sail at a summer camp when I was in middle school and have loved it ever since.
I saved up and bought my own little Sunfish then spent a year restoring it.
I sailed it for the first time last summer and it was pretty rewarding.
Sailing her in the ocean was an amazing (and scary) experience that I won't soon forget.
The wind was strong enough that it tore my sail at the corner and if I had stayed out just a little longer, I might have had a disaster and lost the boat.

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How to Make a BLT

  1. Toast two slices of bread
  2. Make some bacon
  3. Slice a tomato
  4. Clean a few leaves of lettuce
  5. (Optional) Apply some mayo to the bread
  6. Put all the ingredients between the bread
Class Grade
Organic Chemistry B-
Calculus II B
E115 Pass
Cycling Pass

Here's a picture of my sailboat, Polly, on her maiden sea voyage.