Independent Assignment 5 for E115

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Hello, my name is Cristian Franklin and I am an Undergraduate student here at NCSU. I decided to pursue Civil Engineering because I am interested in transportation and the infrastructure behind it. I am a transfer student from Wake Tech and this is my first semester here at State.

I am currently employed by Chick-fil-a in Cameron Village. I do a lot there such as take orders, bag the food for drive thru and make milkshakes!!. I enjoy working there because the people are very friendly and I get to eat for free every time I work! My uniform consists of a red polo with my name tag and gray pants along with non-slip shoes.

A picture of Alicia and I

Interesting Classes

  1. CE 297 Introduction to Infrastructure
  2. Solid Mechanics
  3. E115
  4. CE 214 Statics

Interesting club Link to site
American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE
Astronomy Club Astronomy club