Colin Thompson

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I'm majoring in mechanical engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. My anticipated graduation date is in May of 2019. Prior to attending NCSU, I attended UNCA in Asheville, North Carolina. The liberal arts emphasis of that university has helped me see all of my studies in a clearer light.

Why Mechanical Engineering?

I chose mechanical engineering as my major as I've always had an interest in anything mechanical and figuring out how it worked. Additionally, I've grown more and more interested in space exploration in the last few years and saw acquiring an engineering degree as my best route to help develop technologies that will enable us to further explore our solar system. As a non-traditional student, I also had to be pragamtic in my choice of major as I'll have less time to repay my student loans. To that end, mechanical engineering pays well and is one of the broadest engineering disciplines, meaning there are many jobs available to a mechanical engineer.

Relevant Course Work

Class Course Title Semester
JEM 101 Computer Aided Drawing Fall 2015
MAE 206 Engineering Statics Fall 2016
MAE 200 Intro to Mechanical Engineering Design Fall 2016
MA 242 Calculus III Fall 2016
PY 208 Physics for Engineers II Fall 2016