What's up, it's Casey Ritchie!

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I have narrowed my intended major between Aerospace or Biomedical engineering. I attend NC State University and my anticipated graduation year is 2020.

What lead me to these majors?

Ever since I was young I wanted to go to Space, I've always been fascinated with Space Shuttles and rockets. So that's what lead me to Aerospace but for Biomedical it's something that "kinda" jumped on me and intrigued me. With Aerospace I would plan to work for NASA or SpaceX and hope to lead humanity towards Mars and beyond. With Biomedical I'm not too sure yet.

A few skills to get a degree

Relavent Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 206 Engineering Statics Spring 2018
MAE 250 Intro to Aerospace Eng Spring 2018
MAE 251 Aero Vehicle Perf Spring 2018
MAE 252 Aerodynamics I Fall 2018
MAE 371 Aero Struc I Spring 2019