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My name is Christian Rockermann and I'm a freshman at NC State University. I am planning on majoring in chemical engineering. I want to major in chemical engineering because it allows me to work for a large variety of companies, particularly ones that are attempting to develop clean energy sources, which is what I would really like to do with my career. I also really enjoyed chemistry and math in high school.

One of my favorite activites is playing in the marching band. I play the sousaphone, which is completely different from the tuba. I have always loved playing music, especially in marching band. It's so much fun to play for and entertain thousands of cheering football fans in a stadium. We get to play all kinds of music including the soundtrack of Star Wars, all of the armed forces marches, and today's pop hits.

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  1. Get in the car and drive to Mellow Mushroom
  2. Enter Mellow Mushroom, have the hostess get you a table, and have the waiter/waitress take your order
  3. Wait approximately 20 minutes for the chefs to bake your pizza in the kitchen and bring it out to you
  5. Recieve the check, pay your bill, and leave a tip if you wish to be a respectful, generous patron
  6. Go on with the rest of your day now that you are filled with pizza
Course Expected Grade
MA 242 A
HI 233 B
PY 205 B+
Doing the Hokey Pokey atthe Virginia Tech game