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About me:

    Hello. My name is Clint Sieber and I am twenty-one years old. I recently graduated from Wake Technical Community College in December of last year(2014). Once I graduated I transferred to NCSU where I now currently take up my studies. The way my credits transferred in I am registered as a junior. I came in as a forestry major but am in the process of changing to agriculture business management. One reason why I was excited about coming in to NCSU was I would be able to join the western riding team. We have our first show coming up in two weeks and  I am looking forward to taking first place!
    We are about half way through the semester, and I can honestly say the CSC 200 is one of my favorite classes. I have never been very "tech savey" so being able to learn how to write code and operate on a computer is pretty neat. The lecture is enjoyable and I like how she uses videos to show in class, especially the Brian Reagan videos. Our lab instructor is very fun to work under as well. She is extremely helpful and does a good job at explaining how to do whatever it is we are doing that day in lab. I was a little weary at first when deciding to take this class but now I am glad I did.

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