Carl Staub Resumé

I am on vacation.

About Me

I attend North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. I live in Sullivan Residence Hall and I spend most of my time with friends working or goofing off in D. H. Hill Library. I am a First-Year Engineering major so I will have to complete my Change of Degree Audit, better known as CODA, to declare a department of Engineering that I want to major in. I am considering Electrical, Material Science, and Civil Engineering for my major. I would also like to minor in Theatre. I plan on graduating in 2020 and going to graduate school at an undeclared university.

What I would like to accomplish

If I become an Electrical Engineer, I would like to help America undergo the transition to Solar Energy. I would look into the financial risks and benefits of Solar and use my public speaking experience to make people agree with me on how solar i sthe most efficient for our continuation. If I become a Material Science Engineer, I would like to work with bio-material development. I would like to help create a world where we relied on renewable resources for our construction and architechture. If I become a Civil Engineer, I will follow in my grandfather's footsteps and work in building the infrastructure for the growing world. I would work in making buildings more natural and in finding an ethical way to house the ever expanding population. Ontop of engineering, I would like to act in community theatre shows to have a creative venue to express myself through.

Skills and Abilities

Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Chemistry Fall 2106
PY 205 Physics Spring 2017
MA 241 Calculus II Fall 2016
E115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016
MA 242 Calculus III Spring 2017