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My name is Chris Turnmire and I am a freshmen in the first year engineering program. I chose engineering because I want to make a positive impact in our world. I grew up taking things apart and fixing cars. So when I CODA I will try to get in the Mechanical department. If I don't get in I will try either Aerospace or Civil.

I love all kinds of sports but my favorite is soccer. I started playing when I was litte and all the way up through High School. Here at NC State I play on an intramural soccer team. For me soccer is a good way to relieve stress that is built up from school. Another reason I love playing soccer is you get to meet new people.

"My Resume"

How to make pizza

  1. Knead the dough
  2. Spread tomato paste
  3. Add sausage
  4. Bake
  5. Eat
Classes Grades
Calculus A
Economics A
Chemistry A