Yea this is my page... Welcome I guess

My name is Cris Baillargeon, and I am a sophomore at NC State. My major is Aerospace Engineering. I was born at Cherry Point Marine Corps base in Havelock, NC. Growing up I naturally became infatuated with aeronautics and my interests thankfully paired up with my logical and technical thinking process. My first year at NC State has made me even more interested in Aerospace and excited for the years to come.

My favorite animal is a dog, but I really like anything that you can hunt. I have always had a dog growing up and I don't think there could be a better pet. They motivate you to exercise and be outdoors which are two things I personally love. They also are so full of compassion that if you give them enough attention they really are man's best friend.

I still really like dogs... except when I have to give them baths and groom them. It is difficult to keep two huskies clean. They love to get into messes and if not kept well they shed crazy amounts of hair. Luckily for my dogs I am a good owner and try my best to keep them content. One of my favorite things to do with them is have them pull me on my longboard until they get tired. It is the perfect combination of exercise for them and leisure activity for me.

College Pizza 101

  1. Pick up phone
  2. Call Marcos Pizza
  3. Request Campus Special #1 with Large 1-topping and Cheeey Bread
  4. Mentally prepare while waiting for delivery
  5. Enjoy & Repeat as needed
Course Expected Grade
E115 Pass
ARE 206 A
Sleeping 101 A+