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Some information about me

My name is Chance Venable and I am currently a freshman. I would like to pursue a double major in electrical and computer engineering. I chose those majors because I would like to help work with/design new technology to make the world a better place. My biggest aspiration is to make a renewable energy source, such as solar energy, more affordable/available to the common public. NC State has a great engineering school and I am very fortunate to be here. My favorite hobby is taking pictures. Whether I’m photographing people, places, or things, I put a lot of effort into my work to get the best outcome. I enjoy capturing moments of life so that I can enjoy them both in the moment and in the future. Although digital images are cool, I really like polaroid pictures. Having a hard copy of a photograph can be very meaningful, and I like to put them around my bedroom.

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Four Crucial Ingredients For My Favorite Pizza

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
Chemistry B
Chemistry Lab A+
Calculus 2 A
Home Horticulture A
favorite hobby

My Resume

my resume