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Hello, my name is Chris Edwards and I'm a future computer science major here at NCSU. In case you forgot, the year is 2015. One of the main reasons I chose computer science is because it's becoming an everyday sight to see computers in the workplace, and being able to use them efficiently can be very beneficial in finding a career. The primary reason I chose computer science, however, is because of my interest in the video gaming. I wish to contribute my own unique ideas to the gaming industry and see how they change as a result.

My favorite hobby is a tie between gaming and backpacking; two very different topics. I've been playing video games since I was very young, and that hobby has developed into a passion. Backpacking is also a big interest of mine. It offers an escape from civilization and its worries, and it's just fun to see the sights with some friends.
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How to make a sandwich

  1. Get bread.
  2. Get peanut butter.
  3. Get jelly.
  4. Put together.

PY205 B-
E115 S
CSC116 B+

Pisgah National Forest